What Our Employees Are Saying About Us

What our employees are saying about us...


Solidyn has a reputation of having only top-notch personnel.  Everyone is an expert in their own field. It is great to work with the best of the best. Solidyn has a terrific culture that you just don't find in companies any more. They care about their people, provide recognition for superior performance and have fun varied team building get togethers. They promote learning with paid time for annual training of your choice. It is a great place to work. The owners and others in upper management really care and it shows. 

Lonnie L.



After having worked for a few major defense contractors, working for a small company that removes much of the tedious overhead tasks was quite appealing. I enjoy the culture and camaraderie that we have being a member of an elite team.  Additionally, a company that invests so highly in its employees as to provide a training stipend which the employee can use to further their learning in any way they choose is worthy.  We tackle challenging problems every day and present new methods and new thinking on solving technical challenges.

Justin C.



Solidyn is a recognized leader in the defense & aerospace industry sought out for their engineering expertise. While working for a different company on a program in which Solidyn had a presence, I noticed many of the highly talented go-to individuals worked for Solidyn. When I was ready for a career change, I turned to Solidyn first. Solidyn culture is extremely employee-centric. The top management will personally work with any employee to make sure they are satisfied in their role and with the company. The company also holds several elaborate employee appreciation events throughout the year. My work motivation comes from the powerful programs we get to work coupled with knowing I work for and represent one of the best subcontractors in the business.

Alex G. 



I was looking for a company that was not too big and not a startup.  Solidyn had a solid portfolio of customers and from what I had researched, a good reputation. I like the small company feel and flat management structure.  The executives are very approachable and out working in the field with the customers.  The benefits are good and the training benefit is something I haven't seen in my 24 years of working in the IT field. I like the interesting projects and helpful coworkers. The technologies being used are varied which adds to my breadth of knowledge.  I feel like the company watches out for its employees, which is rare these days, especially among the larger companies.

Gary H.