Our Culture

Solidyn Solutions' Mission Statement is to “provide outstanding engineering services to our customers, while maintaining the highest standard of ethics and meeting all commitments of cost, schedule and performance.”

At Solidyn Solutions, our culture is centered on attracting the “best of the best” engineering talent and giving that talent substantial opportunities to grow, perform, and lead. Our commitment to investing in our engineers' knowledge allows us to maintain pace with rapidly changing technologies. We apply the right technology for each individual problem - not just the buzzword of the day.

At Solidyn Solutions, we don't trust process to create a quality product; we trust people to produce a quality product. We also employ new technologies and methods to deliver the very best product, while offering proven technical performance and continuous growth.

We have established an excellent reputation for high value contract delivery. Our employees are consistent leaders in their fields. Their innovative engineering brings state-of-the-art technologies, coupled with efficient execution processes to empower the successful implementation of each customer’s vision.