For over a decade, Solidyn Solutions has offered top-tier support to the defense and intelligence community. By providing innovative solutions that bring short and long-term benefits, we've helped our customers meet their operational goals, while taking their overall capabilities to the next level. Powered by expert teams of talented, experienced engineers, we've amassed years of experience working on classified and unclassified projects. In addition to an extensive list of other successful projects, we've provided the following noteworthy solutions for our valued customers: 

Processing development: Modernization of legacy architecture baselines

  • Replaced four unstable legacy reporting hardware baselines with modern design and technology, realizing 40% savings over original estimates, 90% reduction in footprint, and high future reusability
  • Northrup Grumman Supplier Excellence Award, 2011


Data warehouse distribution development: Information Assurance expertise

  • Implemented automated security scanning, realizing >85% operational time savings by analysts
  • Customer-recognized best-in-class system engineering, testing, and security accreditation process


Major Satellite Ground Segment development: Minimized Crew Manning special study

  • Explored feasibility assessments, technical design options, and ROM cost and schedule impacts for 24x7 operational crew reductions
  • Recommendations accepted, projected 60% reduction in required operational crew


O&M prototyping program transitioning to development: Agile methodology

  • Created and deployed a lightweight, agile development process framework
  • Enhanced responsive commercial practices to meet specific customer needs, creating agile responsiveness while addressing rigorous customer requirements


High value talent to meet key program needs

  • Solidyn Solutions has held these key positions on several programs – Development IPT lead, Software lead, Systems Engineering lead, Test lead, Continuous Integration Lead, Chief Engineer, Lead Software Engineer